Halloween season is upon us, and many pests will happily jump on the occasion to come out and bother you. During the fall, cockroaches, rodents and spiders can all gather for a big party, and can be especially attracted by halloween decorations and treats. Here are a few tips to avoid their visit in your home.

Don’t keep pumpkins out for too long

Pumpkin carving is a great fun activity but can lead to a bad surprise if you leave them out for too long. Indeed, pumpkins are plants that will eventually rot, attracting flies, gnats and even rats. To avoid any nuisance, do not carve your pumpkins earlier than one or two days before Halloween, and dispose of them a couple days later at the latest.

Check your kids’ trick-or-treat candies

Unwanted guests can sometimes hide in treats. Some people like to buy them well in advance, or even recycle them over the years. However, sweet foods and candy can be very attractive for pests. Similarly, if your kids eat their treats slowly and stretch them over a few months, make sure to keep them in sealed containers to avoid attracting Bed bugs control and rodents to your kitchen.

Make sure the Halloween costumes are clean

It is not something many parents think about, but Halloween costumes can be infested with lice. Be extra careful when trying on costumes and masks at the store. Did you know that the month of October is actually the month with the biggest spread of lice in North America? Once you buy a costume, wash it at a high temperature before letting your kids wear it.

Lice are not dangerous, and will just be very itchy in your child’s head. It is also quite difficult to get rid of once they have made their way into clothes and bed sheets, so it is always better to prevent them from entering your home whatsoever.

Keep your garden clean to avoid spiders

Fall is a prime time for spiders. If you do not want to become infested with them to the point where you don’t even need to decorate your house anymore, make sure to keep your garden clean at all times and avoid clutter inside and outside your house.

If you follow those few tips, the only pest you should be worried about this Halloween is the ones your kids will be dressed in! If you are still sealing with real ones, contact us for help and information.

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