Deer Mice hantavirus saskatchewan

Disease from Deer Mice Droppings – It’s more dangerous than you might have expected.

As spring falls upon us, we begin to come out of our winter slumber and excitedly start our yard, cottage and camper trailers clean ups. Our summers a beautiful but short, so we work quickly to the cleanup done to make the absolute best of  our hot and sunny Saskatchewan weather.

But, not so fast! This year, and every year – begin to take precaution.

If you live in the prairies, chances are you will notice that there may have been fall and winter infestations from with rodents such as mice and rats.  As a result, our summer oasis’s have likely accumulated unhealthy amounts of urine and feces.

Aside from being disgusting, this can also become deadly. Rodent urine and feces are known to carry over 35 diseases.

deer mice hantavirus saskatchewan








In 2014, a young, pregnant mother of two from Milestone, Saskatchewan sadly lost her life to the devastating effects of Hantavirus from being in direct contact with deer mice feces during her spring yard clean-up.


Robyn Young was a healthy 26-year-old mother of two when she was infected with hantavirus in 2014. (Submitted by Julia McIsaac) Photo Credit: CBC News

Robyn Young was a healthy 26-year-old mother of two when she was infected with hantavirus in 2014. (Submitted by Julia McIsaac) Photo Credit:











“Despite being given fluids and being placed on a ventilator, the young mother was dead within 24 hours of being admitted to the intensive care unit. She was one of two people to die of Hantavirus in Saskatchewan that year, and one of 10 in the past two decades.” – cbc news

We handle  the cleanup to keep your home and family safe & healthy.  

It is of outmost importance to not stir dust by sweeping or vacuuming (without a hepa-vac) droppings, urine, or nesting materials.

What is Hantavirus?

“Hantaviruses are a group of viruses that can cause severe illness in humans. People can become infected with a hantavirus when they:

  • inhale virus particles from rodent urine, droppings or saliva that have been released into the air
  • this can happen when rodent waste is stirred up from vacuuming or sweeping
  • touch objects or eat food contaminated with the urine, droppings or saliva of infected rodents
  • are bitten by a rodent infected with a hantavirus (this is rare)

With the exception of the Andes hantavirus, the virus does not spread through person-to-person contact.” – Government of Canada

What to do when you encounter mice droppings and infestations? 

Enlist the help of an expert pest management company like Premier Pest to come to your property and safely and quickly remove all waste and dangers.  

We will professionally and affordably handle the disposal of any urine and droppings, dead rodents, nests and dangerous bodily waste. When necessary, we will clean and disinfect the entire area and surrounding surfaces.

Premier Pest offers a rodent clean up service for a healthier home environment. We will not commence any heap-vac, or begin the sanitation process on your premises until you are Rodent free for 7 consecutive days. Our goal is always to make sure that you have a healthy and safe environment – Free from rodents, pests and the deadly diseases that they carry.

Contact us today if you suspect that you will need our service for yard, home, business, trailer or cottage rodent clean-up.

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