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With only a few weeks of summer left, the last thing you want to do is miss out on the nice weather because of mosquitoes. These annoying pests make us all itch and make it incredibly difficult to enjoy being outdoors. Discourage these little guys from hanging around by following these 5 simple steps.

Remove Standing Water

If there is standing water anywhere in your yard, remove it immediately. Ponds, bird baths, and improperly drained yards can all act as the perfect place for mosquitoes to reproduce and take over. By removing their breeding grounds, you also greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes near your home because they cannot travel very far. If you’ve got a chlorinated pool or hot tub, don’t stress. Mosquitoes will not take up residence in chlorinated water.

Call in the Pros

A pest management company can inspect your home and property for the presence of mosquitoes. Gutters have the ability to hold large amounts of standing water and are regularly forgotten about. The pros will also check your window screens to let you know which will need to be replaced to protect yourself indoors as well.

Consider the Landscaping

Some plants produce chemicals that deter insects from taking up residence in your yard. While these plants are effective in deterring mosquitoes, they do not release repellents until they are harmed. Before heading outdoors or hosting a party, rough your plants up to encourage them to release their natural chemicals and encourage the mosquitoes to leave.

Use Repellent

A lotion or spray containing DEET has been confirmed to be effective in keeping mosquitoes away. Like sunscreen, bug spray wears off and becomes ineffective after a period of time so be sure to read the directions and reapply as necessary.

Cover your Toes

Mosquitoes love sweat and bacteria so, in turn, will love your feet. When outdoors, keep your feet covered with shoes and socks as much as possible and always remember to spray your feet with bug spray to protect yourself.

By putting these tips into play, you’ll be enjoying the great outdoors sooner rather than later. Should mosquitoes still be buzzing in your ear, give Premier Pest Management a call to get back to enjoying the last few weeks of the summer season!

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