Did you know pests could be cool? For most of the year, they are annoying and deadly, but for Halloween, they make amazing costumes! This year, step out of your princess and superheroes comfort zone and check out those creepy bug ideas.

Cute bee costume

A bumble bee costume is very easy to make and will be the perfect way for your kid to stand out at the next Halloween party. To make this DIY costume, take a black long sleeve shirt and wrap some yellow duct tape around to make the bee stripes. Repeat the operation on a black pair of leggings. Get a pair of wings in the store, as they would be difficult to craft. Finally, grab a black headband, along with yellow and black pipe cleaners. Twist the bottom of two yellow pipe cleaners at equal distance from the centre of the headband, and secure them with super glue. Twist black pipe cleaners around each yellow one, and attach a yellow pom on top. Your costume is ready and happy with the help of premier pest control Regina management

Creepy spider web costume

Who hates spiders? Everybody! That surely calls for a great Halloween costume. Take a cheese cloth, spread it and rip it in several places. Using some hot glue, stick tiny spiders all over it to add to the creepy spider web look. paint your face with withe make up, draw some black eyes and apply black lipstick. Wrap the cloth around yourself, and you are ready to go!

Pest control costume

We will not say this one is our favorite, but is bears a special place in our hearts – for obvious reasons. For this one, you will need a grey or white jumpsuit, a breathing face mask, and rubber gloves. To perfect the look, you can use hot glue to attach spiders and mice to the jumpsuit. Remember to wear your best working boots and go after those nasty pests on Halloween night!

Don’t feel like doing it yourself?

Stores are full of creepy crawlies costumes too. If you don’t feel like making your own costume, consider getting a cockroach, a lady bug or even a rat suit to be the scariest in the neighborhood.

Finally, we had to show you this amazing mouse trap DIY costume… one of the best we’ve seen so far. Happy Halloween!


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