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Wildlife Home Invasions and How You Can Prevent Them

wildlife invasions pest management saskatchewan








The comforts of home are too many to count.  Your nest is a cozy place of safety, relaxation, and shelter from the elements.  The tricky part is that all the things you love about your home attract animal visitors who love it, too.    

Don’t let the fuzzy, innocence fool you from afar: animals like raccoons and squirrels pose serious health and structural threats to humans.  There is nothing cuddly about rabies, roundworm, or bacteria-born disease.

Too Much Time On My Paws

You might think your home is critter-proof.  Let’s keep in mind, however, that wildlife creatures are highly resourceful and creative.  If they don’t find an entry point, they will dig or chew one.  The neighborhood raccoon is a furry version of Andy from Shawshank Redemption: he’s got plans to tunnel through, and enough time to make it happen.  







“The chimney is clear, Frank! Come on down!”

Preventing The Invasion

You can prevent wildlife from causing harm to your family, pets, and home by:

  1. Limiting their opportunities to enter
  2. Avoiding the common mistakes of animal removal

For example, you can cut off entry points around your home by finding openings or holes that a critter can easily squeeze through.  Conduct seasonal inspections and observe for any signs of chewed wood.  Lastly, don’t neglect repairs needed on your fascia, roof carpentry, or roofing vents.  

To safeguard the inside of your home, fix any leaky pipes in walls or under sinks.  Pests are attracted to moisture, so keep things nice and dry.  

As for wildlife removal, it’s not always as simple as it appears.  For example, there are many ways to kill a squirrel, but you don’t want it to die in your house.  The best solution for getting squirrels out of attics is to trap them and relocate them to areas away from the home.

Likewise, you may be wondering how to get rid of raccoons in the chimney.  Even if you manage to catch the adult, what about the rest of the family?

Two big mistakes that homeowners make while performing DIY critter control is leaving squirrel and raccoon babies behind in attics and chimneys, and neglecting to remove waste from attic spaces.  These can be difficult, technical processes, so if you’re in doubt, enlist the help of a pest management professional with equipment and experience.

Premier specializes in efficient, affordable pest and wildlife control.  If a critter comes knocking, we’ll send them walking.  Our humane animal removal services are based on many years of training and proven strategies, and our commitment to be a trusted service provider for Regina homeowners and business owners.

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