Protecting Your Family, Home and Business

Mission Statement

Premier Pest Management Ltd. is a team of dedicated, positive and successful professionals who constantly strive to conduct ourselves with the highest level of Honesty, Integrity and Expertise. We work very hard at earning our clients’ trust and confidence through building relationships and delivering exceptional, consistent services.

At Premier Pest Management, we protect the health and property of our clients and their families by using state-of-the-art pest solutions. We will continue to be an industry leader by actively participating in local, provincial, and national associations. Our valued services are of the highest quality and exceed industry standards in order to provide peace of mind to each member of our service family.

Premier Pest Management customers are excited to work in cooperation with us to solve their problems at home and at work. They are willing to let us educate them in order to better protect the properties for which they are responsible. Our customers recognize the importance of the services we provide and are themselves an integral part of protecting health and property.

Vision Statement

The vision of Premier Pest Management Ltd. is to provide peace of mind to our community by protecting and preserving health and property through state-of-the-art professional services for our residential, commercial, and industrial clients, while creating a safe, family oriented work experience for our team of professionals.

Premier is guided by four core values which create a framework for decision making.

1. Quality

We must do everything the best possible way. We are completely committed to high standards in all aspects of our business. We will:

  • Use the best materials and continually enhance our offerings.
  • Hire the best team and develop new leaders through mentoring and training.
  • Provide the best service and continually look for opportunities to improve.
  • Commit to the safest work environment with no compromises and continual vigilance.

2. Leadership

We are a leader in our industry and our community and therefore dedicated to being the best in all that we do. As a leader we will:

  • Deliver high standards in quality and service.
  • Be good environmental stewards.
  • Act with integrity and professionalism with our employees, clients, vendors and peers.
  • Maintain an image that supports our mission.
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3. Teamwork

We strive to work together with our clients, vendors, team members, and the entire community by:

  • Showing respect to all.
  • Adapting to the ever changing work environment.
  • Providing effective communication to all.

4. Profitability

The efficient use of labor and materials results in a profitable company. Being profitable enables us to:

    • Reinvest in new equipment, processes, facilities, and people to help us grow.
    • Provide for growth and opportunities for our team.
    • Help our team provide for themselves and their families.
    • Give back to the community.