Protect your hotel from bed bugs

One of the biggest pest management nightmares that hospitality services can face is the presence of bed bugs, which feed exclusively on human blood. Since pests are great hitchhikers and can arrive with guests, it’s essential to check for them frequently.


Pest management is a task that must be constantly tended to: Infestations can occur if establishments are left unchecked, since bed bugs have many hosts to feed on. A few bed bugs can turn into a thousand in just over two months. Therefore, hospitality staff members should be trained on pest recognition to ensure that there are as many eyes on the lookout as possible.

Provide training

You can ensure that employees are properly trained on spotting bed bugs by working with Premier Pest Management which provides free training to hospitality venues. Staff members will learn to inspect bed bug-prone areas in rooms and can raise an alert if any of these pests are spotted, dead or alive.

Know the risk

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to prevent bed bugs from making their way onto your property. There are guests arriving from all around the world on a daily basis, and these pests can take a ride in their luggage or clothing. Personnel should familiarize themselves with the various signs of bed bugs; this includes recognizing them by their size, shape and color, as well as knowing what their feces look like.

Implement a response plan

As a hotel manager, it’s essential to have a response plan, in case guests find bed bugs in their rooms. Rather than hold yourself responsible, figure out what your staff members can do immediately to help resolve the problem. Fast action will show your venue’s dedication to guest service and satisfaction.

If you suspect bed bugs may be present, have professional pest control specialists do an inspection to verify the problem. If identified, have the bugs taken care of right away to ensure that the infestation doesn’t spread to other areas of the venue.

Although housekeeping services spend the most time in hotel rooms, having all staff members trained means being able to check rooms more efficiently, both prior to guests arriving and in cases when they have spotted bed bugs.

Premier Pest Management Hotel Monitoring Program

Our licenced technicians can set up a monthly program to suit the needs of your hotel by doing monthly bed bug inspections on blocks of 6-10 rooms a visit as a precautionary preventative measure against a major infestation to insure the quality and safety of hotel quests.

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