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When colder days start to come, rodents seek shelter and try to find a warmer dwelling place. Unfortunately, in urban areas, this warm place is often someone’s home. As the weather is already getting colder, here are a few tips to keep your house rodent free.

House mouse

The house mouse is the most common rodent pest. Even though it is small in size, it can bring in a number of disturbances into the house. For example, mouse urine can cause allergies, especially in children. In addition, house mice can carry diseases such as meningitis or salmonella. They can bring fleas, ticks, and lice along with them. Finally, they will often cause problems in the kitchen, as they will raid your cabinets for food.

To prevent house mice from coming in, make sure your house has no holes open on the outside. Be careful, as a hole only as big as the diameter of a regular pencil is enough for a mouse to go through! Declutter your home to remove any potential house building areas for the mice. rat traps are ineffective to trap mice, who are small enough to escape them pest control Regina

Roof rat

The roof rat is most commonly found in vines or trees. When it comes into homes, it prefers to settle in attics, roofs, or in the upper floors of apartment buildings. you will rarely see them, as they are mainly nocturnal animals.

As they often come back to the same source of food when they have found one, make sure to proof all your kitchen and pantry cabinets, so that no food can be accessed by pests. make sure all holes are sealed to prevent the rats from coming inside. It is dangerous to have a rat infestation, as they can carry serious diseases such as the plague, typhus, salmonellosis and rat-bite fever. As a consequence, react immediately if you suspect one or several rats live in your home and call a pest control professional for help.

Norway rat

Norway rats are bigger in size than roof rats and are just as dangerous due to the diseases that can bring in with them. They can also cause substantial damage to properties, as they like to dig tunnels and gnaw. Last but not least, they can contaminate food when searching the kitchen. Keep in mind that Norway rats are social animals, and they often build their burrows next to one another. If you spot one in your home, it is very likely that his friends are hiding there as well.

To prevent Norway rats from infesting your home, remove clutter and store any piles of wood away from the house. Make sure there are no holes in the walls and seal them where applicable.

If you spot gnaw marks or rodent droppings around your home, contact us for help and information.  Premier Pest Control Management

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