There are many bad habits – including leaving food accessible, that can welcome pests into your home with open arms. Did you know there are a large number of ways you could be attracting these little visitors without even knowing it?

For your home to remain pest free and protected beware of these five unknown invitations:



Warm and moist; the perfect combination to create a fantastic home for pests. Inspect your plumbing for leaks regularly, and repair them immediately to discourage pests from moving in.


2.Screen damage

Small tears in your window and/or door screens may seem unnecessary to repair or replace but in reality many insects can crawl through even the tiniest holes. Replace any screens with damage as soon as possible to avoid leaving an open door for pests.  



Piles of items, yes even non food items-can attract a variety of rodents and insects. Both species love to burrow and hide in piles of papers or other clutter so remove any items that would make creating a home easy for these little guys.  



Small cracks around doors and windows are ones most homeowners think of monitoring but many go unnoticed. Monitor your foundation, and walls for small cracks and around appliance vents, utility lines and plumbing. Filling these small, and seemingly harmless spaces sooner rather than later can protect from a bigger problem.


5.Your neighbours

Do you have a neighbour that throws their grass clippings behind their fence instead of bagging them? Or maybe they don’t clean up after their beloved dog regularly or at all? The surrounding neighbourhood, and people in it are a large contributing factor to pest control in the area. Should you experience issues or have concerns it’s best to address them with your neighbour in a friendly manner before infestation becomes a reality.


If you encounter a problem don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a variety of preventative options available for you in Regina and surrounding areas.

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