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As the summer fades away, spiders are moving from the gardens to our houses. In Saskatchewan, 13 different types of spiders can be commonly found. Not all of them will make their way inside, however, and those who do are generally not dangerous to humans.

Nevertheless, spiders remain one of the most-feared pests out there, and most of us are determined to kill them as soon as we see one. With that in mind, what can you do to improve pest control of spiders in your home?

Forget about the pesticide barriers…

Spraying the doors and window frames with bug repellent is largely inefficient with spiders. They often have long legs that will prevent their bodies from touching the chemicals and their circulatory system is such that any substance sticking on their feet and legs will not be brought back up to the body. Unlike insects, spiders do not groom themselves, and will not ingest the poison either with the help of pest control Regina.

 … except on cracks and small holes

The only time pesticides can be effective with spiders is if it has been sprayed on a small crack in the wall, or a small hole that the spider goes in and out of. If the entrance is narrow enough, the body will have to touch the sprayed surface, and the chemicals will then be effective.

Control their feeding sources

Spiders mainly feed on insects. Their favorite spot to catch them is a place with a lot of light. The flying insect will not see the web because of the bright atmosphere and will get caught more easily for the spider to feast on.

As a logical consequence, if you want to avoid spiders setting up camp in your home, get rid of the other insects first. Your house will be much less attractive if they have to starve inside it!

Set up traps

Setting traps around your house is a good way to get rid of pests quickly and efficiently. A trap will often be a sticky board, or an open box with glue inside, set up in strategic areas where spiders like to go. There is no need to add a scent to these traps, as what will attract the spider the most is a bug stuck inside of it.

Thinking it has got a prey ready to be eaten, the spider will go onto the trap and get stuck on it. It is that simple! Dark and quiet areas, such as closets or behind furniture, are good places to set up traps.

If you need more advice on how to keep spiders out or would like to have your home inspected, contact us for assistance.

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