Pest control is often thought about for private homes. However, did you know pet control and prevention is also needed for commercial buildings? Learn why and avoid dealing with a bad infestation!

Keep employees and customers healthy

In some businesses more than others, hygiene is a big deal. Think about schools, restaurants or medical facilities. Surely, they cannot afford for a single pest to invade them. However, more traditional office buildings are also at risk of suffering health issues in case of a pest infestation.

Rodents can crazy diseases inside the buildings with them, such as salmonella, rat-bite fever, or even the bubonic plague. The disease can be transmitted through a direct bite, but this happens only very rarely. The real threat lies in the diseases spread by rodent urine and droppings. In addition, rodents can spread fleas, ticks and mice in building, which can in turn infect humans.

Cockroaches can cause asthma due to the allergens they spread in the places they live in. As such, an office infested with cockroaches is a very unhealthy environment for the sensitive population, as this is where they spend most of their day.

Avoid contamination of stocks

If your business stores some products for an extensive amount of time, or if you own a warehouse, it is important for stockpiles to be kept pest-free. Rats, insects or other rodents choosing your products to settle their home can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Businesses not noticing the infestation right away can also mistakenly send out contaminated products, which will ruin their reputation for good. Again, this is an important economic hazard that could be easily avoided by keeping the warehouses pest-free. Keep in mind that once a pest has settled in, it is often very hard to get rid of it, especially in large areas. Preforming regular pest treatments and pest control will drastically reduce the chances of this happening.

Much bigger dumpsters

As office buildings host larger numbers of people than homes, the trash areas are consequently bigger as well. It is commonly accepted that trash attracts pests of all kinds. Thus, it is even more important for commercial building to keep their trash areas clean, and not too close from the buildings. This is especially true for businesses like restaurants or hotels, for example.

How to stay safe?

In the case of commercial establishments, the safest option is to get help from a professional pest control company Regina. They will help keep the environment clean, healthy and pest free by carrying out inspections once or several times a year, and can act fast if any anomaly is detected. This will avoid costly mistakes, may it be in terms of money or health!

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