Pest Management Tips for Residents and property managers saskatchewan

Managers: Here Are 3 Pest Control Tips Residents Will Love You For

Pest Management Tips for Residents and property managers saskatchewan









As a property manager, your goal is happy residents.  But a pest is happy to have any residence at all.  

Recurring pest problems cause residents to move, therefore proper pest control is a fundamental part of managing your units, whether you’re a manager, investor, or an owner.

You might be overlooking an effective source of help for maintaining a tidy, pest-free property: the people who live there.  Every year renters are surveyed by the National Apartment Association, realtor organizations, and sites like  The resulting research gives us some powerful information about what renters want and how we can involve them to improve pest control in apartment complexes.

Here are 3 tips to get tenants to contribute while making them feel like a valued part of the pest-free team:

1.Keep Your Tenants Informed

You aren’t the only one who wants to keep bugs out.  Up to two thirds of tenants are interested in pest management tips, yet less than a quarter of property managers are giving out information.

Stand out from the crowd and distribute a list of tips a few times per year.  This can be part of a newsletter, an article on your website, or just a simple flyer.   Also, be sure to alert tenants when pest control is coming so they feel informed and know you are taking the time to do preventative service.

2.Use Environmentally-Friendly Products

Not only do tenants want information, they want product safety.  

Overuse of chemicals is a growing concern in the housing industry.  Ask your pest management service provider what can be done to make the service less hazardous to tenant health and let your residents know that their pest technician uses safe, pet-friendly products.  

3.Encourage More Communication

Only 1 in 4 renters will alert management after the first time they see a pest.  In fact, it’s estimated that 40% of pest sightings go unreported.

If multiple residents see the same type of pest during the same week, yet all fail to report it, then you’ve missed an opportunity to attack a small problem before it becomes major.

Don’t let a lack of communication generate consequences for your property:  remind residents that their help is both wanted and necessary for reporting pests and situations that could lead to infestations.

For example, tenants should know to inform you if they see garbage lingering long-term outside a neighbour’s apartment, smell on-going pet odors, observe standing water, or see similar pest-breeding conditions.  

Showing concern for your property and the health of your residents are two great ways to build loyalty.  When your tenants see that you are actively concerned about preventing and addressing pest problems you’ll make a big stride in increasing retention rates.  

A clean place to live is a happy place to live, so consider the effort you make a worthy, long-term investment in the financial and social health of your business.

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