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You know the old adage: Trust is difficult to earn and easy to lose.  

When it comes to your hotel or resort nothing sends potential guests running for the hills like the word infested.

Just one bug-ridden hotel room can permanently damage your property’s reputation and future bookings.  This is especially true if it ends up as part of a photo review on Google or social media.

When you know which pests you’re going up against, you and your employees can proactively prevent problems.

Here’s a rundown of the most common hotel pests who coincidentally inspired one of the most famous songs of all time, Hotel California.  These guys check in any time they like, but without proper pest control, can’t ever seem to leave:     

Bed bugs  

Hotels are a top vacation destination for these miniature vampires.  When they aren’t busy nocturnally nibbling on your guests, bed bugs can be found hitching a ride on clothing and suitcases.  (Talk about traveling cheap!)  

While “chinches,” as they are called in Spanish, are thought by many to result from poor hygiene, that’s simply not the case.  Bed bugs show up even in the cleanest of places and are particularly difficult to battle since they multiply quickly.  Their numbers really start to spike in the summer as travel increases, and although they are not considered dangerous, an allergic reaction to several bites may need medical attention.


Unless you’re hosting the annual Cheese Eating Olympics for competitive rodents in your city, you don’t want your business and rats appearing in the same news story, ever.

Rats and mice are both clever and motivated.  They sneak into buildings in search of food, cleverly wiggling through openings in walls, open basement windows and even making their way up vertical eaves troughs.    

Rather than wait for an infestation to happen, prevention and early detection are key.

Fleas and Ticks

Crawling pests like fleas and ticks are attracted to warmth, food and water, making kitchens, bathrooms, and boiler rooms a very hospitable place. Like bed bugs they reproduce quickly, so training employees to detect them early can stop them from spreading disease-causing germs to guests and their pets.


Much like airplane crash survivors awaiting rescue in the Canadian wilderness, roaches are resilient insects that can survive for long periods of time without any food or water.  Known to come in several varieties, they just can’t seem to get off the Most Unwanted list, no matter how hard they try.

If you want to flash a “No Vacancy” sign when these guys roll up, make sure your cleanliness standards are truly 5-star.  Because they have a primal weakness for filth, cockroaches will be severely discouraged by a lack of grime and funk upon which to feast.  

Managing the expectations of guests is difficult enough without dealing with pest issues.

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Visitors expect a safe and clean environment during their stay, and by meeting this expectation with a dynamite pest prevention plan, you’ll be adding value to your reputation and future.

Premier Specializes In Confidential Commercial Pest Control for Hotels & Lodging 

Premier Pest Management is a locally owned and operated company that values the privacy of its commercial and industrial clients, especially those in the hotel and restaurant sectors.

Our highly trained pest management technicians can arrange to visit your property in an unmarked vehicle to help keep your commercial building free of pests without drawing the attention of customers.

Though it’s possible to set traps and use insecticide on your own, true peace of mind comes when you know the job has been completed professionally and that the pest problem has been permanently eradicated.  

After all, the only visitors that should be returning are your happy customers.


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