“Some of the most common places that rodents are going to be will be the garage – that’s like one of the biggest places. That’s where we store our pet food. That’s where we’re going to keep our trash and garbage. And then, of course, like in the basement, around the furnace, anywhere that there’s going to be some kind of heat source or water source or food source. Mice, rats and other rodents only need an openings larger than 1/4 of an inch in diameter to make their way inside a house. That means cracks and crevices, including where utilities enter the home and any gaps around doors and windows give rodents access inside. Once in, these pests will nest inside walls and crawlspaces or among boxes and crates that are often found in and around residential dwellings and in other areas where they can avoid contact with those who live there. At Premier Pest, we understand the risks rodents pose to your home and business and that is why we provide highly effective rodent exclusion services that are designed to eliminate current rodent activity and prevent future mouse and rat problems. Our focus is to protect your home and family from the dangers these pests pose. When our licensed technician comes to your home he or she will inspect the telltale signs of mice in the house; identify entry points, nooks and crannies to prevent entry in the future. We utilize a Integrated Pest Management program to solve the problem at its root. Call 306-992-6066 or check
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