Do bed bugs hibernate?
Are the dreaded bed bugs a summer-only pest? Do they go to sleep and forget about us in the winter? Well… unfortunately, not exactly. Bed bugs do not like the cold, but instead of staying out and freezing, or going into hibernation, they will do their best to find a temperate environment. You probably guessed that, in most cases, this environment ends up being your home.

Bed bugs will remain active as long as they can access a food source. However, bed bugs do slow down their activity during the colder months. They can also go into a hibernation-like state if temperatures drop significantly. Adults can survive like that for several months, without feeding.

During the winter, bed bugs are making their way inside to stay warm. When the weather gets colder we humans like to sleep in thick comforters and wear extra comfy woolly clothes. And this is a bed bug heaven!

Bed bugs also like the darkness. Indeed, you will rarely see them come out on a bright sunny day. Winter is then perfect for them, with short days and
low brightness.

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