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With the recent flooding in parts of Saskatchewan, it seemed like an ideal time to share a little more about how the weather affects pest populations. We’ve seen droughts, rain, snow, flooding, and everything in between here in our province and each of these different kinds of weather can have a profound impact on our pest population and you.

Rainy or Wet Weather

When the weather is wet, pests are more likely to make their way into your home. Ants, cockroaches, spiders, stinging insects, crickets, ladybugs, and rodents are all less than fond of the wet weather and will do anything to avoid it. Be sure to keep all your doors and windows sealed and check for foundation cracks regularly. Take note that warm, moist weather encourages pest population growth leaving you with more pests to deal with as they reproduce.


When flooding occurs, insects will be looking for high, dry ground. Insects, including ants, can move an entire colony on a moments notice right into your home. Standing water is also the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes as they lay their eggs in it and their larvae grow there. When there has been a lot of flooding, expect to stock up on insect repellent. For your best protection, remove standing water and protect your home as much as possible to avoid infestation.

Hot and Dry Weather

When it’s dry, even the pests go looking for water. If you have standing water or wet areas around your home you will see a parade of pests moving in. Earwigs, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, and crickets are all intolerant of the hot, dry weather and would love to move into your home to avoid the heat.


The only good thing about a drought is that the number of pests is greatly decreased. Because of limited food and water supplies, pests cannot survive leaving smaller numbers to try and invade your space. Some uncommonly seen pests may appear on their search for food and water but all in all pest populations will be less of a hassle during a drought.

Cool Weather

As the temperatures drop, pests will be drawn to the warmth from inside your home. You may notice them hanging out on the side of your home or building with the most sunshine but as the weather cools they will be looking for a way inside. Ladybugs, flies, and maple bugs all loathe the cool weather so keep a close eye on them.

With Saskatchewan’s wide variety of climates, we can see many different weather conditions from day to day. Awareness is your best defense against a pest infestation. Keep your home, family and business safe from these pests regardless of the weather by giving Premier Pest Management a call.


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