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Preparing for Spring: Pest Control Tips

Ahhhhh, spring time.  That special season is right around the corner.  We’re ready to swing open the front door, welcome the fresh air, and enjoy the chirps of birds who come from all around to send Old Man Winter packing.

Unfortunately, as the seasons change, we aren’t the only ones coming out to play.

Some of the most common springtime troublemakers are termites, wasps, ants, spiders, and beetles. While Mr. Sunshine is beaming down, these guys are gearing up – so prepare your home or business ahead of time with these helpful pest control tips. .

Examine and Observe

Your home or business needs a good examination several times a year.  You can prevent pest problems by carefully examining the exterior structures, making sure you don’t see holes or cracks in the foundation, walls, or around any windows.

Seal any holes or cracks you find before pests like ants have a chance to march in.  Adding weather stripping under doors and in windows also helps to block bugs out.   If you have any torn screens on your windows or doors we recommend replacing them.

Trim Your Greenery

Shrubs and trees close to the exterior of your home are the perfect bridge for buggie critters to stroll across and enter your home.  Make it an annual habit to cut back trees and shrubs.

You can also discourage pests from shacking up in your living space by removing plants and weeds from near your foundation.  This eliminates potential food and water sources.  You’ll want to make sure you remove any standing water where mosquitoes can breed, as well.

Put Your Cleaning Cap On

Make sure everyone in your home knows the importance of not leaving crumbs and nibbles on the counter.  Remember to completely seal food packages.  If bugs can find it, they can eat it, so maintaining a tidy house is an excellent way to prevent infestations.

Even keeping up with simple chores will help, like wiping down counters daily, regularly sweeping areas where food is consumed, and cleaning the areas where Fido and Ms. Meow chow down.  (Pests will munch on pet food, so seal that up, too!).

Your Pest Control Resource

If you want more guidance on pest problems, or you’re not sure how to properly inspect your home, contact us for assistance.

Premier Pest Management is the leader in pest control in Regina Saskatchewan and surrounding areas.

Our trained professionals can assess and solve your problem, whether you’re in need of pest control due to ants, mice, animals, insects, or any other pest that may require removal.


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