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How to Lower Pest Control Costs for Your Property in 4 Easy Ways

Every commercial property needs a pest control plan, whether it’s a small office, restaurant, hotel or large apartment complex.  

Affordable pest control starts with a manager who takes insect prevention seriously because he or she knows it makes a financial impact.  When you minimize your risk of infestation and other expensive problems like wasp stings or bug bites to employees or guests, you contribute to the overall health and reputation of your organization.

After all, you’re in business to make money, not to finance a love nest for the blushing bug-to-be and her creepy crawling groom.

Here are 4 easy ways to prevent costly pest problems in offices.  In fact these can apply to your home, as well.

1. Guard Your Perimeter






The battle of the bugs outside your office is just as important as the inside.

One overlooked step to pest control is cleaning your eavestroughs.  Messy troughs are home sweet home for wasps, mosquitoes, roaches, and all their friends between.  If your property manager doesn’t schedule regular eaves cleaning, then consider take the initiative yourself to have the service performed.  

As a bonus, when eavestroughs are clean they can successfully direct water away from your office walls, which protects the external construction and roof of your property.  

2. Stop Inviting Bugs to the Party

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The garbage can is where insects like bugs and rodents love to get together.  Shut down the fiesta before it starts by keeping all garbage in a sealed dumpster or container away from the exterior office wall.

Also, clean outdoor eating areas regularly to remove crumbs and leftovers that will attract pests.

3. Get Your Employees Involved

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Encourage the rest of the office to keep a clean, dry workspace.  It only takes a few minutes to educate employees on the importance of office cleanliness.

Almost all of us are grossed out by bugs, so give some visual examples to get them motivated.  For example, dirty dishes are a magnet for rude, creepy crawling visitors.  “We only came for the food,” said every bug in history. (That would make a great graphic!)

Consider posting a short bullet list on how to “Pest-Proof” the office so everyone can continue to work in bug-free harmony.

4. “Splish, Splash – I Love Your Faucet Bath”

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Are you giving away tickets to an interoffice water park?  Bugs will go splishing and splashing anywhere they can find a leaky faucet.  Have any plumbing leaks fixed pronto.

Sorry, Mr. Cucaracha – this water slide is shut down for repairs.

Premier Pest Management is an experienced provider of pest treatment and prevention services in Regina Saskatchewan and surrounding areas.  PPM serves both homeowners and business owners, and believes that education and training is a critical part of every person’s pest control plan.

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