You may not know it yet, but pest management is about much more than just removing scary spiders from people’s living rooms. In some cases, pests can be useful, and even beneficial for their environment, and should left alone or protected. In other cases, they need to be eliminated to avoid some situations getting out of hand. In a few paragraphs, here is what the world would look like if pest management did not exist.

Rare diseases would not be so rare

Efficient pest management has allowed humans to eradicate deadly diseases from at least some parts of the world. In 1347, an epidemic of bubonic plague spread rapidly across the European continent, killing an estimated 75 to 200 millions people in less than 10 years. The plague was brought by ship merchants bringing infected rats for Central Asia. The disease is carried and spread by fleas biting the animals.

Today, the plague is only present in a small number of countries. Such an important pandemic in unlikely to happen again, thanks to insecticides and rodent population control. Thank you pest management!

Food supplies would not be edible

Food storage managers need to do a lot of work to keep rodents and insects out of their products. For them, pest control is essential not to lose all their money. But if this was to happen, it would mean that us, at the end of the supply chain, would lose all our food. Adequate pest control needs to happen at home, too. Do you see yourself, freshly woken up in the morning, putting your hand in the cereal box and finding a rat instead? Well, goodbye breakfast…

Drinking water supplies are tightly controlled as well, as droppings and pee from rodents, for example, contaminate it. Without pest management, death rates would be much higher, due to food and water borne diseases.

A nuclear disaster could be very likely to occur

We all know that rodents love a good gnaw on wires, and to nest in warm and comfy places. Well, imagine for a second if that was happening inside a nuclear facility? And what if the gnawed wire was a critical one, that could lead to a malfunction in the facility. In other words, we are pretty sure pest management companies are saving the world.

Many homes would be damaged

Pests, such as rodents, insects and ants, can do significant damage to houses and apartment buildings. Keeping them out is essential for our homes to remain inhabitable. In the USA, termites alone cause around 1.5 billion dollars in damage every year. Imagine what that number would be without pest control…

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