Mice are pests we would rather see outside than in our homes. They can be tiny and cute, but also deadly when they carry diseases around. But you know that already. How about those 10 crazy facts? They will help you get to know mice better!

1. They don’t like the cold

Mice hate winters! This is why as soon as the temperatures start to drop, mice will try to find a warm shelter with food available. You have probably guessed it, in most cases, this shelter is your home!

2. They can’t see very well

Mice do not have a very well developed eyesight. They see better in dim light, and are nearly blind when it gets very bright. However, they make up for it by having well developed smell, hearing and touch. On those three, they are much better than us humans. This might explain why they can smell this open bag of chips a few rooms away…

3. They can jump really high

Mice are tiny but mighty. They can jump up to more than 25 cm, when their average height is between 3 and 10 cm. Converted to human sizes, this would mean we would be able to jump 8.5 meters high!

4. They like to chew

Mice need to chew and gnaw on things to grind their teeth. Unfortunately, when they are in homes, they particularly seem to enjoy electrical wires. Besides the fact that it kills your appliances, this can lead to fire hazards with potentially significant consequences.

5. Their teeth never stop growing

Just like most rodents, mice’s incisive teeth never stop growing. On average, they grow 0.3mm every day! Now you probably understand their need to gnaw and chew a little bit better.

6. They are very particular about their traveling plans

One could say mice are kind of OCD when it comes to traveling. Indeed, they will adjust their routes to be able to walk along side edges or walls.

7. They are fantastic climbers

If the surface is rough, mice can climb up to 2m on a vertical surface. Impressive! They also have the ability to walk on ropes and wires without falling down.

8. They love food

That’s maybe the only thing we have in common with mice… love for food! While they only take small quantities each time they visit a food source, mice can come back to it 15 to 20 times in a single day… Yep, you heard that right.

9. They have a short lifespan in the wild

While they can live for two years when kept as pets, life expectancy is closer to 5 months for mice living in the wild. This is mostly due to their numerous predators including snakes, cats, and foxes.

10. They can get through very tiny holes

Mice have very flexible rib bones, allowing them to squeeze through any tiny hole as long as their head fits in them.

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